Sunday, June 10, 2012

Easy Sparkly Utensils DIY

I have an easy easy DIY for you today that (to my glitter loving self, at least) just screams, "PARTY!"

I pinned this idea quite awhile ago from the Oh Happy Day blog, which I adore, especially for doable DIY's and party ideas.  This blog is a goldmine of creative ideas to bring lots of fun and some quirk to the everyday.  Please visit her for the original of this project, along with lots of other inspiration.

I planned to make these utensils for my upcoming wedding bash, but I conveniently have a birthday this month and I thought, why not test run some of the projects and activities I plan to use for our reception?  That way I get the triple whammy of having an excuse to do DIY projects, getting extra use out of some of the things we'll use for the wedding, and hopefully identifying any hiccups to make things run extra smoothly on the big day.

I don't know what has gotten into me, but not only have I lately fallen in love with sparkle, I also have a little thing going with gold right now.  If you had told my minimalist, silver-loving self that four years ago, I would have laughed myself silly (or, let's be honest, raised an eyebrow and stopped talking to you).  But when you throw rules out the window and just go with what appeals to you on any given day, surprising (and sparkly) things can happen.  That said, please use whatever color glitter appeals to you!

So anyway, I ordered a gazillion Birchware utensils a few months ago.  This week, I went to the craft store and bought some gold glitter paint.

Step one: paint a thin coat of glitter paint onto desired portion of utensil.  Step two: allow to dry.  Step three: repeat to desired level of sparkle.  I did two coats on these bad boys.

That's it.  So easy.  The key really is to use glitter paint, so don't try to shortcut it with glue and loose glitter.  I'm afraid if you do, your guests might end up with some bling in their teeth and intestinal tracts.

Enjoy!  I'm so excited to have a way to party up something that can be a bit ho-hum.  I'm looking forward to seeing a little sparkle on the party table.


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