Thursday, January 17, 2013

Out of Control

Image of Metallic Gold Stripe Paper Straws
The title refers both to my inexplicable addiction to gold wedding details (this is just the tip of the iceberg, trust me) and also to how AMAZING ARE THESE STRAWS?

Seriously, they're beautiful.  They're metallic.  I'm speechless.  And I just ordered 200 of them (don't do the math, please).

As I mentioned yesterday, I've been plugging away on wedding stuff here and there.  What I didn't mention is that finished projects are going into a closet at my parents' house and I haven't yet gotten them all out to see what they look like together.  Over the past week, I've begun to realize that I really, really need to do that, because the gold has begun to run with itself and I'm pretty sure the whole thing is going to look like a gold explosion.  Which I'm kind of happy about, actually.  It will either come together to look like a magical, beautiful, timeless fairyland, a tacky gold overload that's kind of fabulous in its ridiculousness, or a wedding that very clearly happened in 2013.  I'm equally excited about all options.  And I THRILLED about these straws, even if the gold needs to stop.  Soon.

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