Sunday, January 13, 2013

Universal Character Strengths and a Happier Life

The other day I had the pleasure of filling in at my mental health job.  In one of our groups, my coworkers had prepared a discussion about how to live a happier life, with the specific topic of identifying and living from one's strengths.  The idea makes sense: when we are working from our strengths, whether that be people skills, creativity, or analytical thinking, we feel most ourselves and can build confidence in our abilities.  When we live and work from our less-strong places, we are more apt to feel uncomfortable, insecure and exhausted (see: shmoozing with 50 strangers, sales skills).

It was an interesting discussion and a lot came out of it.  One person mentioned that going through the list of 24 universal character strengths helped her realize she had more strengths than she had previously recognized.

My takeaway from this is that to live a happy life, spend more time in your strengths instead of fighting to improve your weaker areas.  No one person will possess all 24 in abundance; we all have our handful, and when we come together to create a community, our strengths fit together like puzzle pieces to make sure things get done.  I don't know about you, but this perspective makes me feel both empowered and freed.  Powerful stuff.

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