Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentines

I'm not usually much of one for Valentines Day, but this year H shocked me by proposing we go for breakfast, so we had coffee and an almond croissant and then went about our days.  It was perfect and simple and made me remember we should really do this sort of thing more often, both with each other and with others we love.

Then I had a crappy rest of the day and required not only a sweaty yoga class but also two vodka cocktails and a face plant into a giant bowl of cheesy pasta to bring me back to my happy place.  Just keeping it real.  Even having a date for Valentines doesn't make life perfect.

That said, I hope your day went swell, not because it's February 14 but because every one of your days would be swell if it were up to me.  xo

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