Saturday, April 6, 2013

Happy Spring

It's been too long.  The unfortunate piece of academic work is that, at least for me, it squelches the creative bug a bit, but it's almost over.  If I were going to use the cliched metaphor of the grad school experience being like a marathon (I'm not), this would be the last mile or two, requiring a leave everything on the track sprint if I want to finish with any kind of self respect.  So I'm sprinting and looking forward to spending inordinate amounts of time crafting, walking, eating, sleeping and being with my cherished people come May.

In the meanwhile, it's spring.  Have you noticed?  Normally, this time of year I'd be out in the gardens digging, turning up soil, working in compost and maybe even beginning to plant seeds.  Needless to say, this year is an anomaly and I'm not doing those things, but every once in awhile I look up, check back in with the world and realize it all keeps moving, even without me, for which I am grateful.  In a way, this year is a gift because the passivity with which I am absorbing this spring reminds me the return to life as we move into April is a gift in its purest form; it will happen, even if I do nothing to push it along.

Because I'm not working the earth just yet, I bought myself two bunches of flowers yesterday to remind myself to step away from the tunnel vision to be thankful for the turning of the season.  I wonder what next spring will bring, when, for the first time in my remembered life it will no longer mark the coming end of a school year.  The co-occurrence of the ending semester and beginning of green and warmth has always been such a sweet time for me.  I'm treasuring it a little more fiercely this year, knowing next year will be different. Even with the rest of life ramping up, let's not lose the cherished moments to the mayhem.

May your weekend and the coming week be lovely.


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