Friday, August 2, 2013

Bye-Bye, Carpet!

I finally (FINALLY) got around to pulling up the carpet in our extra room.

I wrote here about the decision to pull up the carpet even though we rent.  There's also a simple tutorial there for the method I used to remove the carpet in our bedroom last summer.

Even though we might (maaaaaybe) start seriously talking about trying to buy a home soon, it was still satisfying to complete this little nesting project.  There's definitely been a shift away from wanting to continue putting energy into this house, but not knowing how the house-buying process will go, it seems reasonable to keep making this a place we want to live in.

This is what I started with--clearly our house's dumping place.  Since it's never been very aesthetically pleasing, it's always been easy to justify making it even uglier by shoving a bunch of homeless stuff in its nooks and crannies (and sometimes right in the middle of the floor).  Doing the floor required removing just about everything from the room, so we used it as an excuse to purge (got rid f 67 things and counting--well on my way to my biannual Get Rid of 100 Things Challenge).  Why does getting rid of stuff feel so good?

So after the floors and after the purge and after cleaning, we ended up with this.  Happy.  Something about "bloom where you are planted" or something.  Tempting as it is to always look forward to the next big thing, there's something very soothing about creating beauty and order where you are.


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