Thursday, July 24, 2014


We are in fully in this beautiful, beautiful house.

We finished moving (JESUS, moving sucks.  Remind me next time, please, and bring pizza) over 4th of July weekend.  My husband has a lot of stuff.  I love the heck out of him but that weekend was a bit humbling for us both (bonus--I went to our local dump for the first time and we happened to hit free dump day, which was a thin reward for moving heavy, dirty things over and over again for HOURS, but still, something).  The following weekend I spent in Portland for the wedding fiesta of my big sister from another Jew-from-the-East-Coast mother which was completely fabulous, not only because I got my semi-annual dose of wearing sequins, but also because she completely nailed it with the reception party business.

And then I got to just be home, in our new home which somehow feels like exactly the home we were supposed to be in all along.

As I've mentioned before, I've painted every inch of wall and ceiling.  We've had the floors refinished (and as you all probably knew I would do, I'm growing to love them, gratefully).  We've pursued bids for painting the exterior, for replacing the roof, for switching the heating system to either gas or a ground-source heat pump from its current ancient and shaky oil heating system.  I've fallen in love with a furniture company based in Australia and, after having to seriously question why I'm always drawn to the very most difficult/expensive option, realized

It's okay to just live in this place for awhile.


I've never been good at just being but I think this house demands it.  This part of my life demands it.  After coming off of a year comsumed by writing a thesis, finishing graduate school, getting married, planning a dreamy and consuming event, starting a career job, wrestling with mild depression over said job, searching for a house for MONTHS, then going through the whirlwind of finding and buying a house in less than three weeks, maybe it's just time to take a breath and draw myself back in.

So here we are.  Rather, here I am, settling in after a longer-than-comfortable amount of time spent floating.  But of course we all know it's that floating that makes the landing so sweet.

And I'm grateful for the past year, and I'm not sure it's quite over yet.  There are things to wrestle with yet, but at least I have this beautiful space in which to just be for a little while until the next bit of life presents itself.  Ever the adventure.